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Jester Wild Show - Fine Wine Special
Jester Wild Allstars

arranged by special guests Rebecca Birmingham, Thorsten Wegner, Dynamic Don, Ted Couldstone, Action Pat, Linda Popcorn, Screamin Jordan, Cousin Benson, Wayne Napier Gibbins, Miss Clawdy, Miss Monica, Toff, Fonsoul, Francesco Macri, Dennis Haw, Costas MrOpticalsound, Greg Belson, Johnny Staccato, Mr. Mojo, Bill Kealy, Steve Hiscock, Paul Kamczyk, Andrea Mattioni, DJ James, Mik Parry, Sophisticated Savage, Lluis Cardenal, Filippo Boogie Man, Kimi-Hiro, Giuseppe Broso, Slim, Piddu, Papa Bill, Ian Friend aka SoulfulFella, Grillome Demagny, Tomas McGrath, Henning Boogaloo

For the last two decades Mr. Fine Wine has educated and entertained countless listeners to his Downtown Soulville radio show on WFMU. His passion for music has inspired DJs and record collectors from all over the world.

As a token of our gratitude, the Jester Wild Family has prepared a special show in honour of Mr. Fine Wine's birthday. Happy Birthday Matt! This show is for you and was made with much love. Enjoy!

March 21, 2014

The Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before - Rebecca Birmingham
Clint West - Night Train- Thorsten Wegner
Skip Robinson - I Just Can't Wait - Dynamic Don
Barry Lee - Thats The Way I Like 'Em - Ted Couldstone
The Go-Rillas - King Kong - Action Pat
Merve Griffin - Screamin Meemies From Planet X - Linda Popcorn
Willie Eagan - Chitlins - Screamin Jordan
Johnny Guitar Watson - I Say I Love You - Cousin Benson
Supremes - Those DJ Shows - Wayne Napier Gibbins
David Boots - Pretty Boy Blues - Miss Clawdy
J.B. Lenoir - I Sing Um - Miss Monica
The Jolly Jax - The Popp - Toff
Ree Flores & The Duprell's - Fine Girl - Fonsoul
Barbara Lynn - I Don't Want A Playboy - Francesco Macri
Nancy Wilcox - In The End - Dennis Haw
Unknown - I'm On My Way - Costas MrOpticalsound
Highlight Gospel Singers - The Bible Told Me So - Greg Belson
Amos Milburn - My Sweet Baby's Love - Johnny Staccato
Johnny Brown - Cop Myself A Scarfe - Mr. Mojo
Jerry McCain - You Don't Love Me No More - Bill Kealy
Carmen Tayor - No More, No Less - Steve Hiscock
Eddie & Mary - Are You Pushed To It - Paul Kamczyk
Young Jessie - You Were Meant For Me - Andrea Mattioni
Reggie Powell - Do The Ape - DJ James
Andy Caldwell - Evil One - Mik Parry
Ze-Majestics - Garlens Mambo - Sophisticated Savage
Juanita Strong - The Graveyard Is Full Of Your Kind - Lluis Cardenal
Perry & The Harmonics - Do The Monkey With James - Filippo Boogie Man
The Fabulous Monograms - You Are My Sweetheart - Kimi-Hiro
Ralph Weeks - Let Me Do My Thing - Giuseppe Broso
TNT Band - Musica Del Alma - Slim
Lord Creator - Rhythm Of The Blues - Piddu
Merced Blue Notes - Whole Lotta Nothing - Papa Bill
Alonzo Tucker - What's Wrong - Ian Friend aka SoulfulFella
Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You - Grillome Demagny
Jerry Walker - Mr. Limp - Tomas McGrath
Misery Luv's Company - Thank You Baby - Henning Boogaloo
The Isley Brothers - My Love Is Your Love - Rebecca Birmingham


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