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Jester Wild Show - Volume 90
Mark & Garcia

arranged by Mark & Garcia

April 06, 2015

The Four Statins - Feather Walk
Frankie Rich - Yea Yea Yea Baby
Jack Wood - Born To Wander
The Knightsmen - If I Told You
Ronnie Cook - Super Fine Girl
R.C. & Joanne Holmes - Sweet Evil Empress Of Love
The Wigpoppers - Yo-Yo
Brent And The Spectres - Oh Darlin
Leon Harmon - I Wanna Be Loved
The Fabulous Specataculars - Boo-Da-Rac-Ka-Sacky
The Ris-Kays - Salt Crackers
Satan's Breed - Laugh Myself To The Grave
Jack Harris & The Arabians - Dog Wild
A Band Of Those - Girl
Coye - Hop Scotch
The First Garrison - Mama Say Blue
James Spencer With The Herd - Daddy's Little Angel
Billy Reed - Let Your Hair Down Baby
J. Mercy Baby - I Messed Up
Andy Belvin - Love Is A Game
Billy Land - I Go Walking
Jack Wood - So Sad
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - Baby (Better Get On Home)
Kenny O'Dell - Unknown Territory
Ray & The Royals - Let Me Know
Al Garris - That's All


Jane Darwyn - There's Gonna Come A Day
Michael D. - There Ain't Nothing To It
Cris Funston With The High Hopes - Sumertime
The Mods - Rosalie
The Malibus - She's Gone
The A Go-Gos - Just A Little Bit Of Soul
M.L. & The Impalas - That Special Way
The Door Nobs - Hi-Fi Baby
Don Snyder - Tiger A-Go-Go
Baron Thomas And The Blue Crystals - Tension
Ray And The Royals - Let Me Know
San Diego Nomads - Sac O'Woe
The Tangents - I'm No Fool
Humphrey & The Palookas - Careless Love
Stan Donn - All My Love
Randall Grey - They Call It The Soul
The A Go-Gos - Tic-Tac-Toe
Donnie Sanders & The Don Juans - Shing-A-Ling Baby
Lord Luther & The Counts - Tough
Savoy's - Work It Out
Captain Darby & The Buccaneers - Who Do They Watch
"Rolls"-Royce & The Wheels - 1-2 Many
Jan & John - I Need A Light
Sonn Woods - I Can Learn
San Diego Marauders  - Baby Can't You Feel It
The Fall Guys - Doing My Own Thing


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