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Jester Wild Show - Volume 55
Christopher Stukenbrock

arranged by special guest Christopher Stukenbrock

December 23, 2012


Sax Kari - Spanish Drums
Cookie Jackson - Try Love
Joe Lewis - Teach Me Right Now
Mike Hanks - The Hawk
Barrett Strong - Misery
Senator Jones - Call The Sheriff
Judy Clay - Do You Think Thats Right
Randy Hobbs - Waiting And Watching
Johnny West - Tears
The Dominos - Around The World Across The Sea
Billy Lamont - Sweet Thang
The Wolf Man - Back Side
Rex Garvin - Believe It Or Not
Barbara Lynn - I Don't Want A Playboy
Phillip Wolf - Little Woman
Ola V. Harper - I Wanna Weep
Simon And The Pieman - Cut It Out!
Eddie Perrell - Hex
Simon And The Pieman - Satellite
Eugene Jefferson - Too Young
Cleo Randle - Big City Lights
Harold Burrage - Fifty/Fifty
Buddy Ace - This Little Love Of Mine
Pearl Woods - I Can't Wait
Frank Lucas - Chico
Jannie Willams - I've Been True
Benny Curtis - Lovin' Back Guarantee


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