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Jester Wild Show - Xmas Special
Jester Wild Allstars

arranged by special guests Fred & John, Kimi-Hiro Oue & Cousin Benson, Fonsoul, Mace,
Johnny Staccato, Callum, Tomás McGrath, Steve Hiscock, Costas, Alfredo, DJ James,
Buddy Love, Alan Handscompe, Beeks, Action Pat & Mr. Mojo

December 26, 2012


Little Esther - Cherry Wine - John
The Ramblers - Bad Girl - Mr. Mojo
Harvey Lantz - Little Boy Blue - Fonsoul
Vivianne Jones - Money Can't Buy Love - Callum
Grover Pruitt - Shake The Flea - Johnny Staccato
Euel Box - Bulldog Twist - Mace
Beverly Savage - How Can You Face The World - Costas
Rob M. Pehinos - Shake - Costas
Willie Mason - Why - Tomás McGrath
Hank Jason - You Don't Care - Alfredo
Jesse Davis - Albuquerque - Mace
Charlie Samson - I Love You So - Johnny Staccato
Pauline Rogers - I'm Just A Woman - Mr. Mojo
Pearl Woods - I Can't Wait - Cousin Benson
Nancy Eloy - Big Red One - Steve Hiscock
Lil Gray - Are You Fooling - Alfredo
Alma Balier - Tell The Truth - DJ James
Tini Williams - I Can't Sleep - Beeks
The Jewels - Angel In My Life - Fred
TNT Tribble - I Get My Kicks In The Country - John
The Tower Islanders - Gimme More - Fred
Otis Blackwell - Wake Up Fool - Mr. Mojo
Valentines - Yes You Made It That Way - Steve Hiscock
Margo - Everyday - Kimi-Hiro Oue
Lefty Bates - Ninety Days - DJ James
The Soul Merchants - Ain't Gonna Go For That - Fonsoul
Dee Dee Sharp - Comin Home Baby - Buddy Love
Wendel Western - Nag On Me - Tomás McGrath
James Lynn Marsh - Keep Searching For My Baby - Callum
The Lovers - Without A Doubt - Alan Handscompe
Mary Lou Williams - Chief Natoma From Tacoma - Kimi-Hiro Oue
Leon Gibson - Do The Roller - Mr. Mojo
Sotos Brothers - Little Lila - Action Pat
Xavier Cugat - Gesundheit - Action Pat
Pearl Bailey - Jingle Bells Cha Cha


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