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JWS #3 – Mr. Mojo

Mr. Mojo
Saxony, Germany

Duration: 60 Minutes

Danny Cobb - My Isabelle
Pat Patrick - Ain't Done Nothin
Piney Brown - Sugar In My Tea
Gerry Granahan - Devil At My Doorstep
Ray Stevens - Laughin' Over My Grave
Duffy Power - A Woman Made Trouble
Buddy Lucas - That Thang
Jerry Warren - Monkey Walk
The Raiders - Walking Through The Jungle
Sonny Day - Tarzan
Marie Knight - Who Rolled The Stone Away
Priscilla Bowman - I've Got News For You
Louis Jordan - What I Say
Phillip Wolf - Little Woman
Sugar PieDesanto - Going Back Where I Belong
Mitty Collier - Pain
Sugar Simone - I Want To Know
Ernie Washington - Lonesome Shack
Rod Andrea - If It's Lovin You Want
Titus Turner - Coralee
The Wetbacks - Jose Jiminez
Elena Madera - Pu Chunga
Benny Miles - 900 Miles

JWS #3 – Mr. Mojo – Jester Wild