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WE DANCE to Shakin Casi

Have a nice trip (Intro)
Jan Davis – Watusi Zombie
The Tornados – Phantom Surfer
Sal Mure – Desire
The Nomads – Icky Poo
Baker Knight – Hungry for Love
Billy Hambric – Flaming Mamie
Lydia Pense – It won’t be Long
Bobby Comstock – Right Hand Man
The Recalls – Nobody’s Guy
The Pirates – Cuttin’ Out
Roy Acuff Jr. – Turn that frown from upside down
The Stingrays – I’m gonna surprise you
Lou Lawton – Knick Knack Patty Wack
McKinley Mitchell – You’re not gonna break my Heart
Teddy McRae – HiFi Baby
John Kerby – Get Hot or Go Home
Big Daddy G – Big Berry Boss Guitar
Vergie Till – Loose me Love
Al Henderson – She says crazy
Ed Townsend – Cherrigale
The Skee Brothers – While I’m away
Twangy Rebel’s – Lazy Rebel
We Dance To Shakin Casi

Shakin Casi

WE DANCE to Shakin Casi – Jester Wild