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From Vinyl Lover to Vinyl Lover.

You’ve come to a place that values good music and vinyl. We celebrate the days when music was made by hand and carried across the country via radio stations. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of tracks year after year, genre after genre and mix of genres. 

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable, how much great music was produced. We have made this music our goal today, in times of digitization and techies. We call it heritage, and we honour and protect it. No, we love and live it. Enjoy the path of Jester Wild and friends.

Jester Wild & Friends

Chris Mr. Mojo

Chris, Mr. Mojo



DJ & Collector, Spain
Shakin Casi

Shakin’ Casi

DJ & Collector, Germany
Christopher Stukenbrock

Christopher Stukenbrock

DJ & Collector, Germany

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