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JWS #5 – Linda Popcorn

Linda Popcorn

Duration: 60 Minutes

Don Ralke - Sebastian
Bobby Darin - Similau
Defenders - Taco Wagon
Ziggy Talent - Maharaja Of Magador
Mark Alamo - Temptation
Tomkos - The Spook
Toni Caroll - Mother
Ben Harper - I Can't Take It No Longer
Debonairs - Goning To Town
Lions - Girl Of The World
Kellie Greene - Move On
Red Prysock - Harem Girl
Big Buddy Lucas - I Can't Go
Johnny McBee - Nothin But Love
Mamie Perry - My Baby Waited Too Long
Tony Bassett - Tonight And Always
David Michael - Wow
Stone Crushers - Crawfish
Pat Patrick - I Ain't Done Nothin
Jimmy Nolen - That Way You Do
Bobby Nichols - Oh Lord, Give Me Back My Rib
Johnny Moses - You Are Torturing Me
Los Boppers - Ali Baba
Bobby Gray - Devil Eyes
Tony And The Monstrosities - Igors Party
Nick Todd - Too Much Rosita
Cover Linda Popcorn

JWS #5 – Linda Popcorn – Jester Wild