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Christopher Stukenbrock

DJ & Collector, Germany

Brief info

Christopher aka King Coleman Jr. serves the widest variety of hard hitting fifties & sixties Rhythm & Soul sounds throughout the country and beyond. From the rarest of the rare to the just plain good, he never fails to heat up the floor and get the crowd jumping for joy. Being a LP collector in his much younger days, he changed his mind to 45s. Being on the decks for over two decades now, he DJed at various spots including POW WOW, Lavarone, The Federal R&B Club, Brighton MOD Weekender, MG Blues and any other In-Crowd joints. Always on the hunt for the unusual and obscure 45, selling and trading in this never ending game of sounds. Get on board, people – it's King Coleman time!

Top Records
Christopher Stukenbrock – Jester Wild