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Screamin Jordan

DJ & Collector, Germany

Brief info

In the early 2000's I discovered the rockabilly scene for myself. I fell
in love with everything that had to do with the, furniture,
clothes, hot One day I discovered the tapes of Basters
Beatbox and immediately fell in love with Belgian popcorn music of the
60s. I started collecting rare 45s in the popcorn, R&B, Gospel, Latin &
Soul genres. After listening to Mr.Fine Wines Downtown Soul every week
it became an In 2006, the McCormacks Ballroom opened in
Leipzig, a club that brought bands and DJ's of soul, rockabilly, ska,
beat and swing music to the city every weekend. The Ballroom was my
second home for many years.

When Chris aka Mr.Mojo started the Jester Wild Show we recorded the
first shows as a homage to Baster's Beatbox with clips from famous film
classics. And so we've come full circle. With the first Jesterwild
Party, a part of the Jester Wild family will be performing together for
3 days in beautiful Leipzig...Rock'n'Roll :) coming soon.

Top Records
Screamin Jordan – Jester Wild